Sunday, May 3, 2009


AIRPORT MASK COUNT UPDATE: Yesterday there was mom with her three children. The mom didn't have a mask. Two of her children had masks. The third had a tissue that she was holding over her face, so we'll count that too. That makes the total mask count seven. I'll keep you updated.

I believe I called it -- remember I spoke briefly about Jon from 'Jon and Kate Plus 8' a couple of months ago? I was pointing out that they were ridiculously tacky to one another, and I stand by my statement. The Bible is clear about how to treat your spouse and the importance of respect, leadership and submission in a relationship. Anyway, all this to say, Jon has been seen on the town recently leaving night clubs at all hours with odd females at his side. He insists that these encounters are innocent. Nonetheless, he shouldn't be doing this. The appearance of evil is sometimes far more powerful than the real thing. This is a prime example.

Kate is forever pointing out Jon's flaws, correcting him in every way, and passing judgment based on her opinions. All this on national television. I'm sure the film crew is only with them for scheduled amounts of time. I hope this is all for drama, and she isn't really like that. Not to say that he is innocent in all of this. He passes a lot of tackiness himself, but as Christian couples we need our marriage to be a ministry. They have one of the largest audiences ever and can't even seem to even try to be a little bit Christ-like.

On to other news -- have you ever accidentally walked into the wrong public restroom? Perhaps an urge at the local QuikTrip (a popular chain of gas stations that is notorious for having one-stall restrooms with lockable doors)? Even though they are labeled men's and women's, does it really matter which one you go into? If you have to go you have to go, and the men's is in use -- just go in the women's -- who cares? It's not until you come out that you have to 'face the music' so to speak. It's especially embarrassing if there are women, or men, as the case may be, waiting for you to leave.

At Saltgrass Steakhouse in Texas, the entry to the public restrooms are clearly labeled with a painting of a cowboy/cowgirl on the respective doors. As you go to leave the restroom, they have painted the opposite on the exit side of the door. As a guy, my first instinct is to make sure that I saw urinals in the room -- that way I'm positive I was in the correct room.

The other day I was at an airport in Texas. As I'm washing my hands, I see this sign:

Now since I was washing my hands you can imagine that I had already been all up in this restroom, and my heart suddenly jumped. 'I'm in the wrong restroom!!!' I was horrified, hoping that this didn't count as a felony in an airport and cause me to loose my job. I suddenly did a quick scan to see that there were in fact urinals (my standard test) and slowly began to calm down.

Why, oh why, would this sign be in the MEN'S ROOM? This is a serious question. I have NO IDEA what the answer is, but since this little episode I've noticed it a lot throughout Texas. Just this afternoon Amy and I were out to lunch with our Sunday School class, and the Cafe we were at had this sign in the men's room. It must be some strange Texas law -- probably passed by the same goon who wanted Heaven'o to be the official greeting!

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