Thursday, May 7, 2009

A Jungle I Tell Ya!!

Okay seriously, if only I wasn't too frugal to spring for the data plan; I'd post a photo. Let me paint the scene, picture it if you will. I'm famished with hunger and peer out my 5th floor hotel window to see a Subway in the not too distant distance. I remarked to the van driver as we pulled into the hotel parking lot that it didn't seem like an easy feat to reach a dining establishment. He said 'You can walk through the woods.' He said this all nonchalantly as if the hotel had commissioned a wilderness trail for their guests convenience.

I asked him where the trail was -- he says 'I've seen people just walk in where-ever!' Back to the peering, after my workout, and taking care of some projects I had planned for the afternoon I gaze at my destination. I go to the trouble of creating a mental map of the path I will take and I'm off.

I set my course, eye on the Subway. I approach the wooded area that would be better classified as a small urban jungle and quickly realize that without jeans, hiking boots, long sleeve shirts, and perhaps some chaps, I dare not venture into this critter haven. So I proceed down the road (with no shoulder mind you) to my plan B route. This area looks more like the field in the opening credits to Little House on the Prairie, tall inviting grass -- you know.

Now this grass appears to all be the same height which puts it about about at my knee caps -- there is about 40 yards of this, then a small moat, a set of railroad tracks to cross, and finally a beautiful lush lawn. All this leading up to Subway, I can see it! The factor I did not consider, and the details not visible from my 5th floor planning station was the exact topography I would be forced to traverse in this 40 yard stretch. You see while the grass (which incidentally soon turned to brush, and miscellaneous weeds) appeared to all be the same manageable height, the ground was not level.

Within moments I find myself up beyond my hips in weeds. I'm dressed in shorts, running shoes, and a bright orange T-shirt, and starting to wonder what kinds of rodents may be interested in my chalky white drumsticks that are trudging through their territory. I'm on the phone with Amy all this time, and suddenly decide I should briefly suspend the conversation so I can focus on my plan B gone wrong!

Soon enough I conquered the first in this series of obstacles, then there was the run and jump across the small moat, and the careful looking both ways to cross the railroad tracks. On the way back I decided it was best to just follow the railroad track to the next road and go back that way -- it turned out to be probably 1.5 miles more than the jungle walk, but far safer; and a good way to help the $5 foot long settle.

I shall call the union and speak to them about the hotel/restaurant placement one of these days when I've got nothing better to do! Have a great day!

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Anonymous said...

OMgosh this is so stinkin hilarious, haven't been to the new waco hotel, but now I def dont want to! Sorry it was such an adventure for you to find food. Thats crazy!