Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Fathers Day To Me!

I've had a wonderful first Fathers Day (well as a Father that is, I've actually had 29 Fathers Days in my life). Lets start with the little gift that made me a Father!

Isn't she cute? and the bow! Well she was a little off kilter today, to maintain order she really needed to dine prior to our departure for Church. We made time for this and attempted to force feed her, but it was to no avail. She just simply wasn't hungry -- fast forward 45 minutes, and our arrival at Sunday School -- guess who is just instantly starved?? We are still working on this pumping business, we had a little milk but not enough. What we had held her over for another hour; but sadly we were forced to leave a little early.

We would use the 'Nursing Mothers Room,' but let me tell you, it needs a little work. There are three of them, and they are wonderful spacious rooms with all the amenities, even a microwave, baby swing, and crib. There's a large TV on the wall -- pause -- the TV doesn't broadcast the service! What?? I asked why this was, and am told they are still working on that. For crying out loud the building was finished three years ago, we are beaming video across the globe via intergalactic satellites in real time, but we can't push a video feed to a room 20 yards from the Sanctuary? I'm debating a special offering!

All this to say, sending Amy to this room to feed Claire while I am enjoying Church seems torturous. So we will just try to be more prepared with stored milk in the future. Amy asked what I wanted for Fathers Day -- I was delighted to tell her that I wanted nothing more than for her to bake me a Rhubarb Pie. Lets talk a little about Rhubarb shall we? This little flavorful weed is EXCEPTIONALLY difficult to find. When I was a kid it grew in my Grandparents garden. We always had it, in the last few years I've really been wanting Rhubarb pie, and Amy's Grandma is kind enough to make it for me on my Birthday each year, and my Grandma makes it when ever I make it out that way. But I want it a smidge more often.

I guess about 18 months ago I started trying to find Rhubarb in the grocery stores around Houston. We went everywhere! We tried the Farmers Market, most of the chains, the Internet. Nothing doin -- we even went to one of the fancy stores that has valet parking (quite the experience, now they had EVERYTHING), but they were out of rhubarb. There was a store near our house that we had been boycotting because of some issue the American Family Association had with them. A couple of weeks ago I needed something and decided to go in this particular store, as neither Amy or I could remember why we were boycotting or if it was still in force.

This particular chain (which incidentally owns the store with the valet parking) is known for their service above all else. I confidently walk to the produce man and ask him for rhubarb, fully expecting to be looked at like I was from another planet. I was astonished when he immediately rushes to the section where rhubarb would be, sees it isn't there, and then informs me he could have fresh rhubarb in two days if I could wait. Or he was sure they had some frozen! I was delighted. He WALKED WITH ME to the frozen section, and handed me a bag, I pushed him aside and grabbed eight bags.

Today my dreams came true, Amy baked me a pie, now I can cook -- you name it I can cook it. But Amy -- she can bake! She is just so clever, I pretend to know how to bake, but usually screw it up -- just today I saw her fluffing the flour prior to measurement, who knew this was required? Every time I've made cookies since we have been married they have always been a little off. Recently she helped me with a batch, as I skipped adding the salt to the recipe she asked me why. I replied that my Grandma had told me salt was always optional (I probably misunderstood), so I always opted not to add it. We added salt this time and the cookies were exquisite!

Anyway, here's to Amy's pie -- doesn't it look delicious, the crazy part is she HATES rhubarb, and everything it stands for; now that's love!

Coming soon fun at the 99 [cents] Only Store!


Valerie said...

What is it with men and rhubarb? My dad was a fan, too! ;) But yay for you and getting a pie! Happy Father's Day!

Ann said...

Oooooohhh!!!! Yum!!! Paul & I both love rhubarb pies. We rarely find any rhubarb since we have moved south, although it was always proliferous in Iowa, and, in fact, we grew it in our own garden. But down here about the only thing we can find is the frozen. Did it taste as good as fresh?