Tuesday, June 2, 2009

I Know I Know

I'm sure many of you have been checking daily for the conclusion to the 'Norton The Great' post part 2. You'll have to wait a bit longer, perhaps tomorrow I'll present that hilarious conclusion.

Now for the burning question that everyone keeps asking us -- Are we getting any sleep? The short answer is yes! We subscribed to the schooling of this fine program. And with the exception of a few small deviations, Claire sleeps really well at night, usually at least twelve hours, only waking three times to eat; at 10, 1, and 5. Of course the 10:00 feeding is no biggie, as we are usually still awake. This means we (Amy in particular, as she has the mammary glands) only has to actually get up two times.

Amy's parents were here for the past five days. We had a really good time with them -- and appreciated their help while I was away for work. They left on Tuesday afternoon, and we are trying to again get in a routine as a family of three.

There really isn't too much else going on so I thought I might share the story of my first Pineapple!

For starters this is what I had to deal with -- I bought this in the hopes that Doyce and/or Linda had actually cut a pineapple before, and could help me to figure this out, as I've recently decided I love the taste of fresh pineapple. Sadly it wasn't to be, neither one of them was certain of the proper way, so I was left a monumental task I chose to document for your enjoyment.
Here we have the raw pineapple -- I know it looks REALLY intimidating!

At our local grocer they have this little engineering marvel, that perfectly skins and cores the tropical fruit in one quick motion. Of course I refuse to buy this at our local grocer due to the excessive cost no doubt necessary to afford their fancy pineapple core machine -- instead I purchased mine at Sam's club, which has no such gizmo.

Instead I was stuck using the included instructions, lets see how closely I can follow them...

The top of the pineapple reminds me a little of Sanjaya's hair -- who by the way is back on the airwaves in 'I'm a Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here!' He is quickly becoming our favorite cast member.

The core is evidently a little tough and must be removed for maximum enjoyment.

As well as the tough exterior...

No doubt someones Grandma could have gotten another 10 ounces of fruit out of this, but I'm proud of my first attempt.

Now for the taste!

And finally the all important presentation!
Perhaps tomorrow we will chat more about a certain historical Mr. Norton --- TTFN!

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peaceandquiet said...

mmmmmmmmmm Love fresh pineapple. Just one piece of advice. Instead of trying to take the core and skin off with it cut into quarters, cut it again, into eighths and then do the core and skin. Much less waste.