Wednesday, September 23, 2009

A Taste of Texas

Okay -- so my sisters (Kalei {pink hair} and Nicole) were in town this week, here to visit with us and spend some quality time with their niece Claire. While here they professed an acute desire to do 'Texas Things.' Once this bit of information came my way I put it in high gear planning a doosie of an evening that was capped off with Square Dancing!

Keeping in mind that I am usually the laughing stock of all things dance I thought this would be a hoot, and was so excited about my evening of gliding around the Community Center floor!

Naturally we were a little apprehensive about joining the crowd, worried we might not fit in -- but Paulette (our greeter) gave us an exuberant Texas welcome complete with hug, and advice to my sisters to be careful where they put their name tag (LOL, only older people can get away with such comments)

Here we are signing in!

Now this was a group for first time dancers, the caller (as he is called) was very patient, and an amazing teacher; not one person laughed at me the whole night. Sans my occasional confusion of my right from my left, I made very few errors.

One key concern was little Claire, well fear not -- it just so happens there are lots and lots of mothers lining the walls, and they gladly 'sat this one out' for a chance to care for Claire! Problem solved, fun activity, built in free babysitting!

Here I am Promenading Amy!

Claire loved watching us dance -- the video at the end is of a 'set' that Amy and I danced, if you watch the end there is an adorable shot of Claire watching us from the gallery.

My two sisters and I while Amy was sitting out feeding Claire. Nicole had to wear the fun hat because she was filling the guys role in this dance.

Oh the fun we had -- more pictures coming soon of other fun activities. There was a surprise bonus after our dance lessons -- another true Taste of Texas, a drug bust! Oh yes home boy was face down in the dirt, and his car was being ripped apart by the Texas Rangers, seriously, Don't Mess With Texas!

Now showing a 4 minute video of Amy and I dancing the night away!

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Valerie said...

Awesome. You all rock. I bet your sisters will still be cracking up at that well into their 80's...:)