Sunday, September 20, 2009

Happy Sunday

Perhaps I should digress a little on my Koozi rampage, it turns out an alarming number of people in Texas and surrounding areas think this is a good idea. I'll write the Etiquette book editors, and let them know they need to revise their manuals.

My sisters are in town for the next few days! Sadly I'm busy flying all day today, but then I'm off until Thursday! Hope all is well with everyone -- and its okay to admit if I got you to buy a Flowbee; I should call them and see if I can get a commission for my mad marketing skills!

And by the way I think Michael Moore is an idiot, and doesn't really deserve mention -- BUT, I did see a hilarious clip from one of his upcoming projects where he stands in front of AIG Headquarters announcing though a bull horn that he is there to make a citizens arrest of the entire corporation! LOL

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