Tuesday, May 13, 2008

It's getting hot in here!

Houston, Texas is not known for its mild climate. I cannot describe to those who are from the North how horrid the conditions can get here in the summertime. Let the fun begin! Last week the temperature reached the 90's for the first time this year. I called Grandma who informed me that it was a cool 60 at her home in Washington. I would love to have 60-degree temperatures in our neck of the woods. Fortunately the air conditioning is working well; and it is starting to become necessary for more and more hours each day.

This all begs the question "Why do we live in Houston?" Well there are a number of wonderful things about Houston. For starters the people are as nice as can be. The cost of living is next to nothing compared to areas like Washington DC and Chicago (other possible locations within my current company). There are really a lot of things to do. As the fourth largest city in the US, Houston is riddled with free or low cost activities that Amy and I don't take advantage of too often (although we probably should). It's the only city I know of where you can drive for two hours and still be able to say "I'm still in Houston." There aren't many hills if one should get a hankering to go biking, but there is a lot of water (and dreadfully a lot of humidity).

Amy and I like Houston. We don't love Houston, but we like it. We found a wonderful church; and we are meeting lots of new people all of the time. And most importantly, we finally got the landscaping the way we want it (after only two years - wow!).

More to come.

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