Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Did You Get It?

Tis the season for the flu shot! Amy and I went to get ours today at our rather snooty doctors office. Sitting there in the lobby was just like walking onto the set of Desperate Housewives. These ladies, well two in particular, were just a hoot. She started in talking about the series of books that she was reading, and how badly everyone else in the room needed to read the same smut. While Amy and I only gave a half encouraging chuckle or grunt to her rants, the lady next to her began a dialogue. I'm not kidding within a few minutes these ladies were comparing plastic surgery procedures, and discussing the pros and cons of each procedure. The whole room was in silent stitches.

Then off to the WalMart -- we needed a few odds and ends for our Mission Trip to Reynosa, Mexico (where evidently I am going to be a roofer, and Miss Amy is going to take up painting). Anyway we walk into the store through the little entry/cart storage area. And there is an older lady on one of those little MartCarts. She is reversing into a parking spot at top speed when suddenly her cart slams into the wall throwing the woman's head back and likely doing some damage to the cart/wall. She then promptly and immediately got up and nonchalantly walked out the door, as if the slamming into the wall was some sort of intentional ruse to give her the momentum she needed to get out of the MartCart.

I had to look away as I was (as usual) overcome with laughter. Today we begin decorating for Christmas, we are very excited about Christmas this year, and thought we would kick off the decking of the halls a little earlier than usual, look forward to pics in a coming post.

And tomorrow I will share one of my embarrassing childhood memories I know you all have been longing for.


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