Tuesday, November 25, 2008

FOTOS, Continued

WOW! We have been really busy the last few days. Decorating for Christmas (the outside display begins today -- brace yourself), getting new furniture, switching some of the rooms in the house around, going to Tulsa, then off to Philadelphia real quick to meet Amy's brother's GF, and finally back home to a host of unfinished projects. I (Steve) wanted to finish off our Mexico pictures with some intermittent commentary.

The Polaroid camera used by the lady in the picture above was a HUGE hit. So many of these people had never had a picture of themselves. The most touching was a mother who got the first picture of her baby.

These two pictures are of our dramatic production. I was the understudy for Jesus, seen laughing above. (Thankfully, Jesus had a sense of humor). The lady seen reading from the script in the photo above was the self-appointed director of our little production. As the director, she made several comments that had the rest of us chuckling. Some of her comments, made before, during and after each performance, were:
  • "Off the stage!" -- As you can see, there was no stage.
  • "Please, people! Get off my stage!"
  • To the translator who was wonderful with the children, "You're not the narrator. I am!" (The director did not speak a word of Spanish.)
  • "That is why there is a script!"
  • "Get ready, Jesus!"
  • "Jesus has no lines."

Miss Abigail leading a time of worship. It was really neat to watch. Most of the kids really enjoyed it.

The lady above left is named Billie. She was accidentally assigned to the construction team with me and Amy. Soon after our arrival in Mexico, she defected to the cooking team. Billie is a very sweet lady and a great source of humor.

A time of reaching out and helping others -- this cat loved nacho cheese chips.

A lot of horse drawn carts in the city.

And what would a trip to Mexico be without a display of their cultural design techniques? Our room was pretty good compared to some of the others. There were two ladies who didn't have a toilet seat, perhaps it was discontinued.

Leave it to me to end a post with a picture of a toilet. All that's left of interest in our Mexico file was the fun crap that was sold at the border crossing -- there was a gigantic bleeding Jesus on a cross, lots of porcelain crap, the usual food stuffs and, a first for me, Miniature Schnauzer puppies. We were tempted by the puppies, but Maggie would not have approved.

This week is pretty mellow. We will spend Thanksgiving at home this year - a first for us. Coming up -- pictures from our trip to Philly and, of course, Christmas decor.

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