Monday, November 17, 2008


Here are a few of my (Steve's) favorite pictures from our first day in Mexico -- most of them speak for themselves.

This family is getting a new house compliments of the SOS organization. The gentleman in this picture helps SOS with every project they take on, often putting their work before his own needs. He hoped to eventually be able to raise his house to put a concrete floor in under it. They just decided to build him a new one -- which is why we are moving bricks in the picture below.

Above is Ms. Sophia and her 'Esposo' -- Amy and I worked on their house for about four hours on Saturday, painting it pink inside and out. Their home has a dirt floor , no running water or electricity. There is no insulation, holes in the roof (it was too windy to fix the roof), no inside walls, and a large hole in one wall where snakes, cats, and scorpions, often crawl in to visit.

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Ryan, Jill and Kids said...

more please... those are great photos!
Love you lots!