Wednesday, November 26, 2008

It's Official

I, Amy, am officially now a Texan (or at least on paper anyway). After two years of residency and six attempts to get a Texas Driver's License, I was finally issued one today after losing my Oklahoma license at the airport last week. Believe it or not, if you lose your license, it makes transferring from state to state much easier than actually surrendering your license (at least in Texas).

Also, as of tomorrow, the holiday season officially begins. The Nortons are ready! We have ordered our Christmas cards, have purchased our Christmas stamps, have completed most of our gift shopping, have decorated both the inside and the outside of our house for Christmas and have made our travel plans for the month of December. Let the festivities begin!

Have a Happy Thanksgiving!!!

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Matt and Shari Bailey said...

Yes you guys totally need to come out and visit! We would come to Texas if we could fly free everywhere we went! You guys must love it! You two are such a sweet couple and I don't know anyone who has such a great relationship as the two of you do! Hope to see you both soon and Happy Thanksgiving!