Friday, November 7, 2008

Let The Planning Begin

I LOVE CHRISTMAS!! -- I especially love decorating for Christmas. I have refrained from hiring an electrical architect to help design my annual display (perhaps you've heard, Amy is retired, and I'm trying to cut back). I ran into some random luck earlier in the year when my brother in law held a moving sale. He had the most superb addition for my display, which I quickly skyped. I cannot wait to show it off to all the world through our handy blog, as a hint I'm wondering if I should alert the FAA for possible airspace penetration?

I asked Amy if I could get a super bright beacon so I could point out our little extravaganza to unassuming passengers underway with me, but I was told no. No doubt the one ridiculous thing about Christmas lights is the power consumption. Last year wasn't a big deal because due to the deregulation of electricity in Houston I was able to hedge our cost of power to a ridiculously low level. Sadly (and probably not surprisingly) the company I had the agreement with went bankrupt this summer, and we are stuck with far worse terms than we once enjoyed.

I may only be able to illuminate the Norton estate from 8:00-8:05 every night, but you can bet the farm we will be a beacon in the neighborhood (no pun intended). So anyway in less than a month you can look forward to great pictures of our labors. December is getting very full for us, we are planning at least three trips (anyone care to join us in NYC?), and we have company coming for two different weeks, which we are excited about.

Did anyone see where the first dog bit a reporter? -- I won't bore everyone with a YouTube link, but its true, little whats his name bit a reporter who stupidly reached out towards the dog in a rather dominate manner. Maggie bit me once, she apparently wasn't in the mood for a bath. I no longer pick her up for her baths, I simply bribe her with treats, which I find far more effective and less painful.

And finally does anyone watch that show on TLC 'Jon and Kate Plus Eight'? -- I must say that I am really disappointed in how those people treat each other (mind you I don't have eight children). Amy and I strive to always be kind, and supporting to each other. We don't make jokes about each other, and when people we might find ourselves around start complaining about their mate, we simply point out the wonderful things that we do for each other. It's amazing how quickly the conversation turns when we do this. Little Miss Jon and Kate do not share our views on this topic. They are very nit-picky and tacky to one another, they are quick to place blame, or cast bad lights on each other. Don't do that to your mate, its not nice, put your mate on a pedestal, admire them, remind them everyday that they are the best thing that ever happened to you. Make them feel important, and thank them for everything they do. And guys when your wife wants you to go shopping (and its not somewhere fun like Ross) just offer to carry her bags, follow behind her, and occasionally call her pretty.


J.T. said...

Hey Steve. This is Jean Shackelford. (your once incompetent maintenance assistant). I still have nightmares about putting up christmas lights at the Curtis' house. (hahaha)

LunarWorld said...

I assume your use of the word "skyped" does NOT involve the online phone application Skype? I'm confused. Did you buy it?

Happily Ever After said...
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