Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Perhaps you will recall my recent post entitled 'A Jungle I Tell Ya'. I find myself back at this same hotel tonight, and you will be happy to know that most likely as a result of my public assault the city has mowed the 'Field of Dreams' and cut down some of the jungle. There actually is a barely navigable trail that leads to the moat that still requires a run and a jump but none-the-less I'm pleased to have a more direct route to my cure for my famished state.

Now on to the classic bit of litter I found along my trek today. I didn't happen to have a camera handy (well I think there is one on my phone, but considering I'm still impressed in has a color screen I'm sure I would never get the picture off of it). What I saw was a Koozie! On this Koozie was written "THIS WAS STOLEN FROM Lars & Rhonda's WEDDING..." It also included the date, but seriously it doesn't matter what day it is -- DON'T GIVE OUT KOOZIE'S FOR WEDDING FAVORS!

I thought this might be a fluke, perhaps these are the only people who would do such a absurd thing -- but no, please humor me -- Google 'Koozie' -- I'll do it for you, here are the results!

Did you notice that the VERY FIRST link is for wedding favor koozies?

So it turns out Lars and Rhonda aren't the only ones who mistakenly think that kozzie favors are a good idea. I'm afraid if I attended a wedding where there were koozies for favors I might have to excuse myself to have a good laugh before I can play Mr. Serious, congrats on your marriage!


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Bob Liddle said...

Koozies area a GREAT, GREAT wedding favor. The groom will not forget their anniversary, It will be in front of them everytime they have a drink.