Monday, August 31, 2009

An Ode 2 The Flowbee

Do you remember the Flowbee? Perhaps if you were a tireless child in the 90's that was awake at 6:00AM on Saturday morning watching infomercials you know all about it (and of course the classic ' Scewdriver').

In a nutshell the Flowbee was a set of clippers that hooked up to a vacuum. You attached the necessary number of 1/2 inch extensions to the clipper head, hooked it to the vacuum turned all systems on and (insert earplugs as required) suck away at your hair, magically it will get shorter!

Would you believe the the Flowbee is still available online? I always thought it was the COOLEST thing ever! I was amazed at how simple it would be to cut ones own hair in a clean and refreshing fashion. No itching afterwards, and to a very precise length.

Of course now that I'm an adult I realize it has got to among the most ridiculous contraptions ever. Oh how I wish I could find a picture of the beautiful blond they on the TV spot using like 10 inches of extensions giving herself a 'trim,' absurd I tell ya!

This picture is of the individual responsible for this little engineering marvel, and I suspect the person below him might be his ever supportive Mother, although I'm not certain!

Oh the funniness of it all! The Flowbee indeed, I need to add for those of you thinking of making a discreet purchase of the Flowbee -- it's not possible, as you can see from the picture below the Flowbee comes in a VERY NON-discreet box. Everyone from your mailman to your neighbors will get a good chuckle out of your little parcel!
I've had some interesting haircut experiences. There was the time I went to an 'Ethnic' Barbershop, where I didn't really understand the 'lingo' and ended up with a 'Low' as they called it. Lets not forget the more recent experience where I was blown off with an industrial air compressor at the conclusion of my trim.
Or my all time favorite, when my local trim shop was destroyed by the hurricane I had to go to a new place. One thing led to another and I was eventually asked (mind you) what I had been paying for haircuts. When I responded with my proud "Five dollars" the lady FLIPPED OUT. She exclaimed "Five dollars! if you think I'm gonna charge five dollars you need to go back to 1978" LOL. Fun times, even funnier I actually went back to her once!
Amy and Claire are having a splendid time in Tulsa, I'm working, and Maggie is worried she is going to have to stay in Tulsa when we all come home with weekend, that's not the case she is moving back to Texas as it turns out a possessive, ankle biting dog is a touch of a hindrance when trying to show a house that is for sale.

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