Sunday, May 2, 2010

Day Three

Crazy times in the Norton household have us kicking off this little experiment a bit off schedule. We will succeed and make time for each and every dare!

Today's dare was rather specific, citing selfishness as a large problem in marriages and associating things we invest in as things that are important to us. The challenge--'invest in your spouse!' Buy them something thoughtful!

We didn't really have time in our busy little schedule to go shopping, so I looked like a hero today when I snuck a ring that she was eye-balling the other day under her contact case! I learned after last Christmas that I must always buy things the instant I see her coveting them. If I dare wait until I have an opportunity to get to the store to buy it without her, it likely won't be there.

The other day I bought something that she fell in love with at one of her favorite stores and put it away for the perfect occasion -- today was the day! Lucky me, and lucky Amy!

I can't wait to see what my plunder brings...

And a huge shout out to my wife on her help with some of my responsibilities around the house! I was so excited to see the things that she had done -- and lest we forget my unexpected gift as well!


I LOVE my ring! Thanks, Babe!

Tomorrow Claire and I are going shopping. More to come...


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