Saturday, May 22, 2010


The Favor Of God!

We recently had the best time on vacation in Niagara. We had so many blessings along the way I decided to recount them.

1. We got to spend quality time together as a family that was as stress free as ever!

2. When reserving our hotel I found a great deal on Hotwire for a property on the water!

2. When going to pick up the rental car I noticed that the company I reserved our car with required a bus ride. Finding this unacceptable I walked to one of the other ticket counters located in the terminal with my reservation and asked them to match the rate. They not only matched the rate they beat it!

3. While navigating my way to the airport this morning I needed a gas station. After all who wants to pay $6.00 a gallon to the rental agency? As we headed one way down the road it became clear that no stations were open. I quickly approached a red left turn light and after a lazy California stop I proceeded to make a U-Turn. Since it was 4:45AM I didn't figure anyone would care. Amy suddenly exclaimed 'Oh there's a cop!' Ah yes there he was, I drove on slowly relaxing in the calm that he decided my infraction wasn't worth his time. I thought this a little too soon.

As I merged onto the freeway I saw the dreaded red and blue -- yes Claire's Birthday began with her first Police stop!

As the Officer approached I declared the Favor Of God over us and this situation. Not only did he not give us a ticket, but he offered to block the ramp so we could back down as he directed us to the nearest open station! How often does that happen?

4. Don't you hate unexpected delays? Despite the hunt for gas that nearly went awry we made it to the airport on time, checked our bags and waited patiently at the gate. Knowing that the flights were full all day we feared we wouldn't make it on. It turns out we didn't, partially resigning ourselves to face the fact that we may spend Claire's first Birthday in the airport we found a quiet area and set up Claire's bed for a much needed nap. Just as we were getting comfortable the gate agent came up to inform us of a more direct routing through Cleveland. The flight had been overbooked, but oddly several people didn't show up and there were just enough seats for the Norton Family!

The best part of our 'Unexpected delay,' was that this routing got us home an hour earlier than we originally planned! And we had the best seats in coach! (Claire's not allowed in first class yet.)

This has nothing to do with the Love Dare, but I challenge everyone to spend the entire day just dwelling on the positive things that happened. Anyone can focus on the negative - but choose not to! Keep a list if you must, we serve an awesome God!

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Valerie said...

Too too cool. And yep, it's always better to focus on the positive! But I love your reminder to go ahead and ask for God's favor. At lot of times I forget to ask. :)