Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Another Amazing Weekend

On Friday, Claire and I went back to the zoo.  The weather is so nice here right now.  Fall has arrived!024

Friday night, we went to Cheeburger Cheeburger for dinner.  Yummy!028

After dinner, we went to “Screen on the Green” (a big screen set up outside in the middle of a square) for a showing of Monsters, Inc.  It was fabulous!!030

On Saturday Uncle Roy and Aunt Vi came for a visit!!!  We took them to the park to play with Claire.  Here’s Uncle Roy and Claire on the slide.023

Claire had so much fun showing them her favorite place to play.027

Claire and Aunt Vi swung on the swings.040

After the park, we went out for pizza at Russo’s.  It was de-lish!050

Then we headed back to the apartment where Aunt Vi and I stayed up talking until midnight.  I love the time we spend together!  Sunday morning, Claire and Uncle Roy watched Veggie Tales while the rest of us got ready for church.  059

Claire adores her Uncle Roy.  But then again, who doesn’t?!058

Once we were all ready to go, Uncle Roy took us to McDonald’s for breakfast.  Claire ate a breakfast burrito and had her first taste of coffee, compliments of her Uncle Roy.  She loved it!067

Aunt Vi, who always wears bracelets, shared her bangles with Claire.  She had so much fun putting them on, taking them off, switching arms, etc.  Who knew bracelets could be so entertaining?063

We had SO much fun with Uncle Roy and Aunt Vi!  We can’t wait to see you in the spring!  We love you!!!072

On Sunday afternoon, we made puppy chow, aka Chex Muddy Buddies.  It’s so tasty!

Claire stirring it up079

then shaking it up082


then it’s ready to eat up!085

We had a fabulous weekend!!

Today Claire and I went shopping.  We’re very much in the mood for Christmas, so we bought a couple of ornaments for Claire’s Christmas tree.  We’ll have pictures of those in a future post.

Tuesday we’re headed to Houston for the day.  We simply must pick up some warmer clothes.  Sleeveless shirts and dresses and shorts are just not warm enough for the beautiful fall weather.

Enjoy your day!

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