Friday, October 15, 2010

Fantastic Friday!

Steve took off work today, and we went to the Memphis Zoo.  We’ve been to lots and lots of zoos all over the country; and so far, the Memphis Zoo is our favorite!  We liked it so much that we are now season pass holders.  Anyone visiting us here in lovely Memphis will now get to go to the zoo with us.  I promise you’ll love it!  Here are some great pics from today.

Claire getting ready to go008

a red panda012

Claire checking out the animals016

the cheetah looks to be “on the hunt”021

Looking at lions – Claire repeated the names of all the animals today.  She’s talking so much!028

This was the first time Claire was into EVERY animal at the zoo, not just the monkeys and fish.


peeping at the penguins036

Claire LOVED the frizzledy chickens.  The frizzledy rooster crowed, and she crowed right back at him.  It was hilarious!  Claire’s the one crowing in this picture.  (BTW:  Frizzledy chicken is a term Pops used, i.e. “Your hair looks like a frizzledy chicken.”  I can only assume these were the chickens to which he was referring.  I have no idea what these chickens are really called, nor do I care.  I love the term “frizzledy chicken.”)049

Here’s a better picture of the frizzledy chickens, just so you can see if your hair might resemble this.050

petting a horse055

Someday Claire will ask us where babies come from.  We will show her this picture.  (She’s in an egg shell.)069

Claire cheering on the critters – here we were watching gibbons swing and jump while playing chase077

one of the gibbons079

There were several fall displays at the zoo.  We decided to turn one of them into a photo op.





The Memphis Zoo’s latest exhibit is the Teton Trek.  It’s fantastic!  This picture was taken from the top of the waterfall.  You can see the grizzlies playing in the stream below.  The grey wolf pack and the elk herd are off to the left, and in front of the lodge is a fountain that mimics Old Faithful.  Amazing!101


Claire’s favorite animals of the day were the frizzledy chickens, the monkeys and gibbons and the penguins.  She LOVES the zoo!  It’s not too far from where Steve works, so Claire and I will be going to the zoo quite often.  I can’t wait!!

Tomorrow, we’re helping to set up the pumpkin patch at church (a fundraiser for our church’s children’s department).  It should be a lot of fun.  Hopefully we’ll get some great pictures.

Have a wonderful weekend!

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