Saturday, October 30, 2010

A Peep, A Mess, A Flower and A Goodbye

This post has a lot of miscellaneous pictures from this week.  Enjoy!

Claire enjoying her first Peep – a pumpkin.  Yummy!002

One night this week, as Claire was eating her dinner, she kept saying what we thought was the word “hot.”  (She often says her food is hot and blows on it – even if it was never heated, i.e. a peanut butter sandwich.  Everything is deemed hot and blown on.)  Turns out she was saying “hat.”  Oh the difference one little letter makes!  The result – a big mess but very cute pictures.099



We Nortons believe in celebrating Christmas for a few months.  We put up our tree this week.  We bought a new tree this year – one that will go in Claire’s room next year, but it is perfect for our apartment this year.  (We bought shatterproof ornaments and tied them onto the tree with ribbon – so no worries about broken glass or ornament hanger injuries.)  Claire LOVES her tree.  She calls it “flower.”  (It doesn’t really look like a tree.)  And she calls all of the ornaments “ball.”  Too cute!106


And finally, we flew to Houston this week and listed our house for lease.  We are making the move to Memphis official.  Goodbye, house.093 033





And the room that was hardest for me to say goodbye to – Claire’s room.  I dreamed about this room for years.  I carefully chose every detail, and Steve worked so hard to make my dreams a reality.  This is the room where my baby slept and played.  Every time she walks into her room, she looks around with big eyes and declares it “pretty.”  I love this room.070


Goodbye, house.  You were an answer to prayer.  You provided shelter and comfort.  We know that you will be a blessing to the next family who finds refuge within your walls.  We are moving onto greater blessings.

Today we are headed to the Pumpkin Festival at church.  Tomorrow, we are attending church and then a party.  More pictures next week…  Enjoy your weekend!

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I love these pics! Can't wait to see you guys soon!!
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