Monday, January 19, 2009

But I'm Steve Norton...

Try it some time -- when you aren't getting your way simply state "But I'm Bridgette Davis!" See how people react. Its quite humorous. I got the idea while watching the last season of Boston Legal (a show I'm sad to see go). Denny Crane was forever reminding people who he was in order to get his way. I've made it a joke among my friends, but only today did I try it outside the circle of people I know.

We had a service appointment with our friendly Sears Service Team today that unfortunately was not met. One thing leads to another and while I'm on the phone with these people who are telling me they cannot make it out today, I accidental blurt 'But I'm Steve Norton.' There was silence for just a moment, and right when I thought that the operator might actually say, 'Oh now I see an opening.' Instead I got 'Yes sir, I understand that I am talking to Mr. Norton of Humble, we cannot come out until Thursday, do you understand?' as if I am some elderly person who is a little hard at hearing.

I'll try it again in the coming days, meanwhile I challenge all of you to also give it a try -- it will be like Ahoy Ahoy week, great fun, and it will surely put a smile on peoples face.

While on the treadmill this afternoon I turned on Discovery Channel which typically has the only daytime TV worth watching. Man Vs Wild was on, if you haven't seen it I must warn you it isn't for the faint of heart. This idiot, Bear Grylls tries to kill himself with exposure to the harshest elements. In one episode he found a dead Zebra which is picked at for dinner, then he promptly climbed in the carcass for night time shelter as if is was perfectly normal. I was reminded about the audacity of him when he was marching through Siberia where the temperature was -50F. He needs to cross a small creek, so of course he just takes his clothes off and throws them to the other side, talk about leaving yourself no other options. He then proceeds to jump in the water, again like its perfectly normal.

I for sure could not do his job. When I was in the Air Force there was a brief attempt to recruit me as a Survival School Instructor. I watched the video of what these guys have to go through and promptly decided in the negative when I noted the amount of crustation that was ingested on a daily basis as a source of 'protein'.

Work with the trainer is coming along nicely - I've lost 10LB 3% body fat and 3 inches. I'm not sure what the 3 inches means, I know it wasn't all in my waist, it must be total in the all the areas they measure -- who knows. I think its funny that when I started this little exercise five weeks ago losing weight was not the goal. It turns out it is a requirement to reach the fitness level I am striving for.

Have a great evening, enjoy LOST coming in three short days, and we will chat later.

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