Monday, January 26, 2009

If I Get a Hankerin'

So as I'm leaving one of my favorite Mexican restaurants in Waco, TX a gentlemen asks me for the time. We all know where this leads, I give him the time -- he begs for money, as he is 'starving'. I don't really have a policy in this arena, but I rarely give these people money unless I'm feeling really led to do so. So I use my normal, 'I have no cash' line (in Sunday School we were studying 'What Kind of a Liar Are You?' -- very fitting in this circumstance) -- and then begin to feel badly as I am walking towards my hotel.

These feelings are quickly diminished when I notice a Salvation Army kitchen only a block from the restaurant opening its doors for the evening meal. I went back to this same restaurant today, and was hoping my little friend was going to be there, I would have told him where he could go to get some food. Is that wrong?

I just hear these stories over and over again about these people asking for money on the street, but never actually accepting offers of employment, or actual food. Instead only wanting money to use as they see fit. Amy and I saw some kids on the road one day with a sign that said "Who Are We Kidding? -- WE NEED MONEY FOR BEER, FIREWORKS, AND GIRLS!" Now that's just funny, I was half tempted to hand over some change, but quickly decided two of those three things didn't exactly lift up the Lord, so I just smiled and drove on.

We are getting excited about Claires pending arrival, I stole a video off of the Baby Leeuwner Blog that made me laugh so hard, I just knew all of you would want to see it. Have a great day.

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Shannon said...

Oh Steve.....I shall remain mum on the subject. HA!