Monday, January 5, 2009


No, not the snack cracker Combo's (which is the only food I know of that can give me heart burn). This is a COMBO post. The first post truly authored by both me (Steve) and Amy. This is necessitated by the fact that I am away from home, and the subject requires pictures that only Miss Amy currently has access too.

We did have a great New Year. This was only the second time since we've been married that we have actually attended a 'party' for this particular holiday. Fun times, lots of fireworks (which I don't really get), and of course a fun round of Cranium. I got to do lots of acting, singing, and drawing -- all things most people find very humorous.

I ran into one of the flight attendants that was on the flight in Denver that was involved in the accident. I asked her how things were going for her. She brought up something I had NEVER thought of before. In the post accident fire ALL of her luggage was destroyed. And what wasn't destroyed was to be confiscated by the NTSB. So all this to say, when she arrived back in town Continental had arranged for her, and others in the similar situation, to have a locksmith go with them to their car to have it re-keyed and then the same at their homes. Very handy; but I think just keeping the ol keys in the pocket is the safest and most convenient bet.

The nursery project was great fun. Crown molding couldn't be easier to install, especially when the know-it-all neighbor (who was kind enough to lend me some tools) popped in every so often to ensure we were doing everything the way he would do it. I hope I don't sound tacky or curt in my tone about the KIAN (know-it-all neighbor). It's a fact -- he really does know everything. I am going to build some shelves for the room next week. The KIAN can't wait. He wants to help. I'll probably need the help and will be most appreciative.

The paint color chosen for the project was "Princess." I'll have you know that Amy came home with no less than 60 shades of pink to choose from. I immediately singled out the color "Princess." After Amy conducted her thorough review, she too came to the conclusion that Princess was the color of choice.

I'll leave the rest of the post up to my wife...

Hi all. First, I must tell the world how perfectly wonderful my husband is. He is so handy and so willing to do anything I dream up. Thanks, Babe!
The nursery is looking great. I realize right now it looks very simple, but I have a great vision for this room. I can already see it coming together. Here are a few pics:
Installing crown molding
Adding a little caulk to cover the nail holes
And voila!
As Steve mentioned, the nursery is "Princess" pink. The crown molding looks fabulous! The chandelier should arrive today or tomorrow. Hopefully Steve will get the ceiling fan and chandelier installed this week. It's coming together so nicely. What a perfect room for our baby girl!
More pictures to come...


Happily Ever After said...

okay -- pink it is, you win my love


Ryan, Jill and Kids said...

So far we love it, can't wait to see the rest!!
Love you lots!!!!

Cherringtons said...

The nursery is looking great, good job!

LunarWorld said...

Wonderful... you're making us look bad, guys. We've got 90-some days left and our nursery is still filled with lots of guest room/storage/office junk. We can't even decide on a paint color!!!

LOVE the crown molding details. So sweet.