Sunday, January 25, 2009

We Are So Blessed

So many things in our lives remind us every day of how thankful we are for our for our relationship with Jesus Christ. As Christians Amy and stand in faith every day for peace, harmony, happiness, health, zeal, good relationships, and supernatural blessings. We are very fortunate to both have strong Christian families that stand with us, rejoice with us, and continually pray with us. Every day I thank God for my wife, I always remind her how important she is to me, and I'm sure to let her know that she is the best thing that has ever happened to me. We both thank each other for the gift of marriage every day, and we always do our best to show the other how much we love and appreciate them.

When I look back at the list of desires that I had on my heart ten years ago, I can honestly say that every single one of them that I have stood in faith for has come to pass. That's not to say that the list is complete, because its not, there are more things, and in good time we will stand in faith for those things, and they too will come our way. I am continually amazed at how powerful we as Christians are, and what mountains can be moved with a simple act of faith.

I was in a meeting with the HR department at my company about 18 months ago, we were talking about different methods on the table for recruiting new pilots. One thing that came up was the formula they had been using to evaluate applicants, and judge their ability to successfully pass training, I quickly noticed that based on the criteria they were looking at I personally was not eligible to get an interview when I was hired. I asked about this, and they told me that it was true. They called me to offer me an interview even though I didn't fit into their formula exactly the way they would prefer. When I asked why, she told me it was based on the recommendations of some other people in the company, and that it was very rare circumstances. Now here I was two years later, helping to re-write the policies on how applicants are screened.

What is more interesting about this is I wasn't looking for a job when I was hired. I had a secure teaching job at a reputable college, and they called me. An airline called me out of the blue and wanted me to interview with them in three days. Out of the twenty applicants they interviewed that day only two were hired, and I was one of them.

God not only opened the door to a new, better job, but he helped to break down the brick walls between me and the end result. I was reading in a book recently about a guy who saw everything in his life as a challenge. I don't think that author was a Christian, but he made a good point in that everything worth having has a brick wall in front of it. The brick walls aren't there to keep people out, they are simply there to show how badly you will work to climb over it. With God this climb is certainly easier, and undoubtedly can really just be eliminated with a little dynamite.

Our faith is strengthened constantly, but our Church is for sure a huge encourager in this arena. I have to tell you that if you need help in the area of faith, watch some sermons from Lakewood, to watch the videos you have to get a password which takes about 45 seconds, but it is worth it. With sermon titles like: "Living Without Crutches," "Choosing Faith Instead of Fear," and "Living a No Excuse Life," you can't go wrong. Amy and I do everything we can to make each other happy, and we spend a lot of time doing everything we can to help our relationship grow, not only does it help us, but I believe that the example we set for others around us speaks into their lives, and can hopefully be a ministry to them to work towards God's best for their relationship as well.

And one more Bear Grylls act of craziness, he picks up elephant dung and squeezes the juice into his mouth as a source of hydration -- again like its perfectly normal!

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