Friday, December 18, 2009

Amy's Big Adventure

I sent Amy to the mall today for a bit of a chore -- I know; since when is the mall a chore for a full time Mom? Well it seems when her car was in the shop last week getting an ongoing brake issue repaired once and for all (lets hope / and pray!) the ever eager to up sell shop supervisor just happened to notice the battery wasn't exactly up to snuff.

I'm not exactly sure why, but when the battery in her car died a couple of years ago I decided to go to Sears of all places to get a replacement. Deep down I guess its because I was under the illusion that they had a pretty comprehensive warranty, and no matter where in the world we are a Sears can usually be found.

All this to say, I thanked the shop for their dutiful checking of the battery but I would be taking it to Sears because it is still under warranty with them.

I of course haven't had time, and we are leaving tomorrow for a big trip to T town so I asked Amy if she could take it so Sears. I left a detailed note explaining exactly what was wrong with the battery, and the original receipt that had the warranty explanation circled.

They tried to charge her $12.99 to 'check' their battery - and when it was found to be defective the charge remained! Isn't that disgusting? I begged her to insist on a manager who ultimately removed the charge -- but seriously - Sears! What are you thinking? What happened to service? Perhaps if the battery was found not to be defective the charge is maybe a little bit okay, but once its found to be bad you don't get to charge me to tell me what I already knew! Arrghh -- in the end they still got $12.99 out of us as I installed the battery the last time, and this time they had to install it.

The next time I think I'll give Sam's Club a whirl -- now they know the meaning of service!

The blog is on auto-post the rest of the week, unless I find some time to come in and interrupt the automated magic! Merry Weekend Before Christmas!

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