Monday, December 7, 2009

I'm Not One to Complain But...

Perhaps my BIL Matt and his blog are rubbing off on me, I've decided to continue my horrible truth series on several major corporations lets just have a chat about Popeye's Chicken shall we?

Perhaps you are a fan -- I ate there once with Amy and immediately decided I didn't care for their food as a whole, but Amy LOVED it, so occasionally we went I usually didn't eat or we would drive-thru somewhere else for me to eat.

There were a few minor tufts with our conflicting versions of customer service over time. Then the first MAJOR incident. I had already gone to another establishment to get some food, and now we found ourselves in the drive-thru at a certain Popeye's. Amy wanted DR. Pepper to drink and when I made the request I was told all they had was Coke and Strawberry -- I asked if the person meant 'Strawberry Fanta' -- and was told yes. This seemed strange to me as this was not even an option on their menu, but Amy decided on the strawberry and we 'Pulled up to the window.'

I could then see on the floor boxes of two liter bottles of Kola and K-Strawberry. Yes these are Kmart branded generic soft drinks. I asked the person at the window to once again explain to me exactly what the soft drink options were -- once again this person said 'Coca-Cola, and Fanta Strawberry.' Of course we got the drink, Amy hated it, and I was a little peeved that we paid full price for a product we were duped into buying.

I walked in the restaurant phone in hand having already dialed the Comments number clearly posted on the door -- I asked the manager why they were lying about the products they were selling...seeming confused I asked him to look at his feet at the cases of Kola, explaining to him I was told it was Coke. He was grossly apologetic and refunded the price of our meals, when asked why he was serving this inferior product he replied that his machine had broken and he had to go to the store, he didn't say it but I'm guessing he didn't want to pay the premium price for the real stuff.

We managed a couple of months without a temptation to visit a Popeye's then one day Amy just couldn't resist any longer. We were both hungry so I decided I would eat there too. After waiting nearly five minutes in the empty restaurant for service I ordered a chicken (surprise) sandwich, Amy ordered the chicken strips, we paid for it and stood at the counter waiting for our lunch. I then noticed a young lady (well woman anyhow) come in from the back (presumably from her smoke break, or trash run) in a starter jacket (you know the kind with the bulky sleeves) pull out some bread and 'throw' it on the counter next to the drive-thru cash register.

I quickly realize she is making my sandwich on the money counter -- yuk. She starts grabbing the lettuce and onions and piling it high - mind you she didn't wash her hands and she isn't really in a food prep area. Then the last straw -- she stopped making my sandwich to treat herself to a couple of bites of her chocolate Frosty from Wendy's (even they don't eat their own food evidently).

"That's it we aren't eating here!" These words come out of my mouth before I had a moment to think about a respectful response to the actions I just witnessed. I insist on a manager - then the 'kid' in the kitchen area asks me whats wrong -- as I finish my story he literally busts out laughing as hard as he can -- this guy is doubled he is laughing so hard.

We once again got our money back -- this time we let them keep their food and we went on our way -- neither Amy or I have ever been back, and likely never will.

Tomorrow let the admonishment continue -- Los Cucos -- YOUR NEXT!

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Shannon said...

Surely the Popeye's in Bixby would be wonderful!!! We shall test the theory come Christmas!!!