Thursday, December 10, 2009

What a Deal!

Lets take a few days off from rant of the day -- I'm sure I'll have something new to complain about soon, but for now lets just talk about our exceptional savings today.

A couple of weeks ago Amy sent me to Kroger to buy baby food that was on sale -- and of course we had a coupon. Being the efficient Groom I am I of course bought one case of each flavor. Fortunately she liked all of the flavors, although we ended up taking the squash back, as it gave her a case of the --ahem-- vapors.

Well last night Amy got coupons in her Facebook mail from Babies R Us -- it was a steal - 12 packs of "Gerber 2-packs" for $10. Note the non-specific language, there are LOTS of things made by Gerber that come in a two pack. We took full advantage of this savings up to 70% on some items. Did I mentions there was no limit!

Talk about exciting times in the Norton house! I love saving money, and am thrilled that my wife came upon this little gem of a deal, thanks Amy -- and Claire and her new high-falootin appetite thank you too!

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