Friday, October 31, 2008

Camera Found!

This week has been wild and crazy. I, Amy, have entered the working world again. My previous employer called me last Friday and requested that I come in to train yet another person who was hired to replace me. (This is the fourth one.) After some haggling over my "consulting fees," we finally came to an agreement (I'm worth a fortune, don't you know?); and I have been back at work. It's fun seeing my friends again, but I have to admit that getting up early and working all day is quite taxing when one is not used to that. (And yes, I can hear all of you working people saying "Waa-waa." I don't blame you.)

Steve had his check airman flight with the FAA this week. (Someone from the FAA rides along and watches how Steve coaches and grades the pilot on his check flight. The FAA has to approve Steve's new promotion.) Everything went great, and Steve is spending the rest of the weekend completing check flights. Yeah, Steve!

I finally found the camera which was accidentally left in my car. Here are the pictures from last Friday and Saturday:Since you're not allowed to take pictures IN a voting location, Steve decided to take a picture OF the voting location. The number of campaign signs is ridiculous.

For lunch we went to Fogo de Chao. It's our favorite place to eat in Houston.

We LOVE spending time together.

We finally found a restaurant that serves rhubarb pie (Steve's favorite). House of Pies has them year-round. We bought a whole one to take home.

The Chinese Elm that Steve planted on Saturday.
The Bald Cypress that Steve planted on Saturday.

We had a great time hanging out last weekend. November kicks off more travels.

Happy Friday!!!

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