Thursday, October 2, 2008

Simple Instructions

We've all been there, we check in at the airport, the agent asks us to take our bags to the screening area and proceed to our gate. Well evidently an older woman in Sweden heard "Take yourself over to the screening area and lay down...."

An elderly woman had an unexpected layover while attempting to check in at Sweden’s main airport Tuesday. The 78-year-old woman misunderstood instructions and fell down a baggage chute after placing herself, rather than her bags, on the belt, AFP reported.
The woman, who was not named, was preparing to depart from Stockholm’s Arlanda Airport for Germany, when she lay down on the baggage belt thinking she was following the check-in instructions.
Staff members helped her catch her flight after she was swept off to the baggage handling center.

I wish I had been there to see it.

Amy and I were in NYC yesterday (one of Amy's favorite places in the whole world) - we had a great time, today we are going to a certain ice cream factory in Vermont, any guesses??

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Valerie said...

Have some Cherry Garcia for me! (Although I will ALWAYS remain a loyal BlueBell fan...)