Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The People We Meet

There was a recent comment on our blog that we lead such interesting lives. I have to admit that some of the things that happen to me (Steve) especially are straight out of a movie script. My wife was along for just such an adventure last year. I'll try to keep this short, as I know some of my posts get carried away with every last detail.

I was in St. Louis for an extended training event and Amy came to visit me one weekend. We took time to go to the park and the zoo. We saw the Arch and some other sights. Then we decided we were hungry, we got on the train and came to the conclusion that we would no doubt see an area with lots of dining choices on our ride back to the hotel. And if we didn't that was okay we would just eat at the hotel.

As we neared the half way point on our journey I mentioned something to Amy about the game plan we had concocted and the passenger next to us immediately inserted herself into our conversation. She insisted that if we needed a place to eat she knew just the spot. I told her that we would appreciate the advice, to which she responded that she would take us to the perfect spot. So now our evening involves this complete stranger.

She explained that there was a wonderful strip of restaurants near the stop where she gets off and she would lead us to them. Then she proceeded to ensure us that she could be trusted because she had her employee ID card on a lanyard around her neck which she held out for my inspection. You may be wondering where she worked -- she was a card dealer on one of the riverboats of course.

So we get off the train and follow her for quite a while. No doubt I told you all about when Amy and I were teased with the promise of nice cheap purses in NYC and had to follow this girl in pitch darkness for about 7 blocks -- anyway -- we followed this woman nearly a mile. At one point on the walk I began to doubt her motives, and questioned how much further, she confidently held up her employee badge and stated "You can trust me, I'm not a con artist or anything!" Amy and I looked at each other trying hard not to laugh outloud at this woman. Finally we could start to see some activity. And honestly she was right, this area surely was a happening spot with lots of choices, however remember she had one particular spot in mind.

We arrive at a bar! She stands outside of it all proud, opens the door and says "After you!" it then became clear, she was expecting us to go in there and buy her some evening drinks to show our gratitude for her gracious guide work through the maze that was her neighborhood to her favorite water hole.

Remember, I don't like confrontation, but you would have all been very proud of me. Amy and I pretended to look at the menu in the window, then in my nicest possible voice I thanked her very much for helping us find such a neat part of town; but they didn't really have the type of food we were in the mood for in this bar. She was devastated, she thought surely she had found her meal ticket for the night. Quick on her feet, she offered to take us to another bar farther up the street. We finally were able to loose her, and we found a quaint little Mexican place to eat at, which was very delicious.

Remember to read the blog below and leave your answer, I will reveal the source of this material once we reach ten comments (that would be a record for our blog). And I much like Ms. Valerie was also laughing out loud when I first saw this video and continue to laugh at all subsequent viewings.

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