Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Nothing To See Here

Amy and I bought some trees this weekend. Like all projects we started out with the intention of procuring the said tree prior to the intense sunlight and heat of the day. But sadly it wasn't to be, we acquired the foliage at about 1PM leaving me to plant them at the precise time of day I was hoping to avoid. But all is well, and they look great; I would share some pictures but cannot seem to find the camera at this very moment.

I'm headed to Washington DC this weekend, Amy won't be joining me due to the possibility of extreme boredom with a rather hectic work schedule for me. In other news this weekend we got to vote! Where I am from in Washington all the ballots are mailed out. I honestly don't think that they even have polling places, if they do I've never seen them. But voting is fun, and early voting was even more enjoyable. Although the lady behind us who had a panic attack when she realized she was going to have to use a computer was a bit exhausting.

I mentioned a couple of weeks ago I was excited about the possibility of returning to swim coaching a couple of days a week. It looks like I am going to get my wish, I have a lot of free time in November (although I didn't get Thanksgiving off) so I sent an email expressing my wishes - more to come on that subject.

On the next post you can look forward to pictures, we just need to find that pesky camera. Have a great day!

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