Saturday, October 11, 2008

The Dreaded Allergies

I don't claim them -- I don't say 'My allergies are bothering me' -- but some stray allergens have found their way to my body and are giving me a really hard time. I was never bothered by allergies until I moved to this part of the country (meaning OK and TX) -- but since I have discovered this new challenge in my life I have worked very hard to find a solution to make the symptoms less intrusive.

Any ideas??

I've tried all the big names, and ultimately have found that treating the symptoms with regular cough syrups is the best solution. The problem is most of those things are off limits when operating heavy equipment like say -- an airplane. Yesterday at the store I found Zicam Allergy Formula -- I tried it and it seems to have worked a miracle. I'll keep you posted.

In the past the most effective treatment has been some advice offered by an old guy named Larry Miller (Miller Swim School for you Tulsans) -- he said to open my eyes under running water every day and wash out my nose in the shower. Doing that at least once a day does help some. Larry swore that he does it every day of his life and has never had any allergy symptoms since.

Amy has even had a little bit of allergy symptoms -- it must be Houston, maybe we should hit the road again -- more to come


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