Wednesday, October 15, 2008

"UMMMM I'm Thirsty"

Okay -- before I get to my most curious title I must first ask if anyone besides me has noticed that the Kleenex Tissue in some hotels changes colors? -- I've noticed this once before, and today I noticed it again, its true. Every three or four tissues the color of the the dispensed tissue changes from white to off white. Just a curious observation, but really why? No doubt (much like flavored dentists gloves) its more expensive, and certainly a more complicated manufacturing process. Who knows?

A long time ago I found myself literally thrust into the vending business. When Amy and I moved to Houston we decided that those days were behind us, but after just ten short months I found myself once again negotiating vending contracts. This time however I focused only on Fitness Centers where the discretionary income is higher, and things like Myoplex, and Monster energy drinks can sell for 3-5 dollars. So there is the quick background, because of our small size I pay a company to receive my beverage orders, but I store them in my garage (which was built too short to hold my exceptionally long truck) -- note to self, for next house measure truck before commencing a build.

Over the years (two and a half) that we have lived in our neighborhood I have OCCASIONALLY, been known to take a couple of Powerades over to the boys next door playing basketball, or offered a drink to the odd neighbor. I don't really make a habit of it, but if I have extra drinks, am working outside, and happen to see a couple of kids, I'll offer them a drink.

Amy had mentioned to me some time ago that the doorbell rings a couple of evenings a week, and that she would ignore it -- as she was never expecting anyone, and didn't want to deal with a potential sales person. I never really thought anything of it, then on Sunday this week I was draining the water heater for its annual preventative maintenance (can you tell I use to be a maintenance guy). Anyway, this required the garage to be open and me watching the water drain out of a hose (by the way only in Texas have I seen a water heater in the attic.) After some time three boys came up and gave me the look. After a few awkward moments they asked if they could have a drink. I probably had 30 cases in the garage, and decided I could give each of them a Powerade. After thanking me they gleefully ran off and disappeared. Five minutes later three girls show up, they too would like a drink. I oblige -- and really don't think anything of it. I do make mental note at this time that kids are getting more brazen, and I should probably not make this too much of a habit.

A couple of hours later Amy and I are watching a movie - and the volume is up pretty loud and at some point I think I hear something unusual, but dismiss it. A couple of minutes later I clearly hear the doorbell. I go to the door and answer it -- there are three of the six kids I gave drinks to earlier standing at my doorstep -- suddenly one remarks "Ummmm, I'm thirsty." While I felt like telling them to go home and get a drink, I was much nicer than that, and simply explained that I'd given away all I could for the day.

It turns out I should have omitted the 'day' part of my answer. The very next evening as Amy and I were watching something on the TV (I'm sure it was the 700 Club, or some TBN special, or maybe it was Paris Hilton's My New BFF, I can't remember). Anyway I suspect it could again be these kids, much to my surprise I open the door to see seven children at my doorstep and overflowing into the lawn. "Do you have any drinks today?" they ask. I suddenly realize that these kids must do this all of the time, and Amy just ignores them. I firmly advise all of the beggars that I can't give out drinks all the time, and that while once in a while I can give some out, they mustn't knock and the door to ask for drinks. They all agree and go away.

I want to be a nice guy, but seriously -- there are A LOT of kids in our hood. I don't want to become the local watering hole for the underage children in our neighborhood. Especially since Amy and I don't have any kids of our own. What will people think?

Have a great day!

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Happily Ever After said...

Hey, Babe. I have the answer to your Kleenex question. Near the end of the box, the Kleenexes change colors to let you know that you need to change the box. It's all about marketing.

I love you! I miss you! Hurry to see me!