Sunday, December 21, 2008

Ahoy-Ahoy Continued

Okay -- the poll was fun, but sadly due to multiple requests I had to take it down. It turns out some people have a fancy filter that doesn't allow blogs with polls, who knew?

for your reference here are the names we had up

Ida Claire

and the winner.... Shabalatabushalatquiba .. I got these names from a website that allows teachers to post crazy names from their attendance rolls. My favorite was of course Lashanawonnika (just rolls off the tongue, doesn't it?) And sadly DaDiamond had no votes. I'm really hoping somebody takes the challenge of Operation Bull-Honkey (see previous post), and submits the results this week, what fun.

In other news Burger King has launched a mens fragrance line -- Flame -- its meat scented. Here is the website should you REALLY need such a dastardly product. Meat scented indeed!

Thank you for the calls and texts of concern, yes there was a small mishap with a Continental airplane in Denver yesterday, no I was not on the airplane, and am perfectly safe sitting at home waiting for a call to rush into action.

Now on to the results of our Christmas Decor Galore post and the answers to the hints about what was an ' Upcoming announcement.' The winner for the clues was Daddy Doyce. He guessed nearly every clue, missing only the reason for the Rubber Duck, which of course represented the size of little Claire at the time of the post. Other clues, three Christmas trees on the dresser, four gifts under the tree (Maggie included), four stockings, the snowman on the boxing glove looks pregnant, four ornaments in the crystal bowl, and the small nativity consisting of only Mum, Dad, and baby. Way to go Doyce, his prize is my presence at the Christmas celebration this week, yeah for him.

Finally we haven't told you how cleverly cute little Claire was during our last ultrasound. Claire was feeling being touched by the pressure the technician was applying, and would reach with her hand to try to figure out what was touching her. So adorable!! The technician was looking at the head to measure the size of her brain (its the perfect size of course), and Claire kept touching her head, more than likely posing for her picture. She is already so much fun, we can't wait get have her with us in 145 days!!


Shannon said...

Thank you for taking down the "dastardly" poll! I was becoming quite verklempt...

Matt and Shari Bailey said...

We got your card and congrats! We are so happy for you guys! Kids are the greatest things that will happen in your life.... They are so special and you find you have this whole new world of love you never thought you had. Its so amazing! We love you and hope your Christmas is Merry and Bright.

love The Baileys