Tuesday, December 30, 2008

One of Those Days

Amy did an OUTSTANDING job of writing the eulogy for Pops -- I was so proud of her strength and message and was glad that I could be there for her.

We had a wonderful Christmas, as expected young Claire got more gifts than anybody else -- she is a very blessed young lady. We cannot wait to have her in our arms in just a few months. Amy is very busy shopping for all the perfect accessories for the nursery (would you believe she found a chandelier for a ceiling fan?). And ever the bargain hunter she has found the perfect dresser at IKEA, but is really wanting to get a coupon. If anyone knows how to get a coupon let us know!! Amy remembered that when she signed up with them online they emailed her a 20% off one item coupon. So --- you guessed it -- I have now been signed up, and given orders to closely monitor my email for any said coupons that may arrive.

This morning the alarm went off way to early. I'm usually one to just pop right out of bed, and bounce on over to the shower. But not today, I was having a hard time getting motivated, but the funniest part (yes I actually laughed out loud) was the search for my tie. Amy keeps a very organized house, and I always put my tie in EXACTLY the same spot. So when I looked there for it and didn't find it I was dumbfounded. I searched for nearly ten minutes all over the house for this crazy bit of polyester madness. I left the closet for like the fourth time, and took just a moment to glance in the mirror to see a perfectly tied tie around my neck -- all this time. First thought -- GREAT BLOG POST -- that's how we know we are serious bloggers.

We saw a great movie last week called 'Yes Man.' Jim Carey just doesn't do enough movies anymore, he is so ridiculously funny. My favorite part was this woman who had a jogging photo club. Seriously people meet up and jog while snapping impromptu photos as they go. How funny!! I have a friend who once answered his phone while jogging (before the days of blue tooth mind you). I'll never forget how crazy I thought that was. hearing that he was out of breath, I asked if he was okay. "Oh no just jogging," he replied as if it was perfectly normal.

Amy and I are going to meet some new people for the New Year -- fun modo. It turns out now that we are expecting we have something in common with some people -- I feel the need to get us all together and have a shindig. So three pregnant ladies and three dads to be (the dads all know each other of course) it will be the ladies that are going to have the meet and greet fun!



LunarWorld said...

We loved Yes Man, too. Funny, but not in Jim Carrey's usually outrageously slapstick funny.

Aunt Cheryl said...

Steve... I can so relate to the "tie" episode! Before my bluetooth... I would be talking on the phone getting ready to leave and have a moment of "Where is my phone?" To which I would laugh out loud!