Wednesday, December 31, 2008


I just got done with session three with my trainer. I can work out as much as she would like, but I take small issue with the dietary restrictions she has placed on me. I understand not being able to eat french fries, or burgers with 30% fat. But come on, don't you think I should be able to at least have a little mayo on my sandwiches, or a grilled chicken sandwich with white bread?

I actually am growing to like the wheat tortillas, they aren't bad at all - in fact rather flavorful. Amy's dad loves to grill burgers, of course to get maximum flavor they aren't exactly of the leanest variety. He was kind enough to grill me a chicken breast, and while you would think that would be adequate for the ol' food journal entry, it was shunned for having white bread - just eat it with no bread she says, or half the bread with extra lettuce.

I do hope I can find stuff that I enjoy eating while still staying healthy, or I am going to reach a point where I just won't care. After all God put on this planet to live a fun and happy life; good food is part of that. In January I start traveling again, four days and three nights out of every week I will be gone. Eating healthy is going to be the greatest challenge during this time. My trainers response was to go to the store and purchase the South Beach prepared meals. I don't think I can handle that. I don't want frozen food, I want fresh food -- sandwiches are okay with mustard, but when I mentioned Swiss cheese she was reluctant to say okay (although she eventually agreed the Swiss was acceptable).

2400 calories, that's what I am suppose to be eating, as I begin to keep track it will be interesting to see how close to that I can stay. Chili from Wendy's is okay, the wraps from McDonald's, not so much. If you have fun ideas let me know. Tonight for the party we are taking a taco dip with chips, and brownies. I will probably eat some of this stuff, this may be omitted on my food journal.

Have a great time tonight, and we will chat next year.

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