Thursday, December 18, 2008

Thank Heaven For Little Girls!

Here she is - Claire Elise Norton!!!

Claire is about the size of a soda can and weighs between five and seven ounces. She is about five inches long. This week her fingerprints formed.

The name Claire means "clear or bright" (according to some sources, it also means "famous"). The name Elise means "consecrated to God."

I felt her move for the first time during the flight to New York on Monday evening. This was my first clue that she was a girl. She must have known that we were headed to Fifth Avenue in NYC for some great shopping!

We are so excited about our baby girl! Stay tuned for more updates...


Valerie said...

Love the new pink background...;)

And honestly, I can't think of two better parents for a little GIRL!!!! Steve already treats you like a queen (the queen that you are, of course), and I can only imagine how this little baby will be (and already is) the apple of his eye. Congrats! I am excited to meet baby Claire! (Oh, and beautiful name, too, by the way.)

Ryan, Jill and Kids said...

We love PINK!!!!! Yeah!!!! Congratulations mom and dad!!!
Enjoy everything about parenthood, as I have been told a million times, it goes by so fast!!! My little girls now have bigger feet than me! I know that you will cherish everything, good and what seems not so good at the time.

Aunt Jill, Uncle Ryan, Katie, Sarah, Keegan, Luqus, Dylan and Autumn

Shannon said...

Oh, my little ClaireBear, I can't wait to squeeze your little cheeks!! Just remember, I, am your favorite Auntie!!!

I will spoil you lots and lots!!! I promise!! I will even have ponies for you to ride!!!

Isn't it cool that both our girls are "consecrated to God"? I Love it!

Matt and Randi said...

Congratulations. I'm one stoked uncle!

Cherringtons said...

How fun for you guys! Girls are alot of fun. Even though they can be dramatic and have emotional roller coaster rides and an attitude at the age of 18months they are still so fun to have around fun!

LunarWorld said...

Sweeet! Love the name, too. :)

Steve, you crack me up, seriously. I can only imagine how insufferable you would be if you had been ordained His Eminence Steven Norton.

Happy New Year!!!