Saturday, December 6, 2008

Christmas Decor Galore!!!

We know everyone has been waiting ever so patiently for the long promised special presentation of the Norton Family Estate.

Now for some added Holiday fun there is one picture that follows with something slightly askew. This is very subtle and to the untrained eye will not immediately pop out at you -- its kind of like a Where's Waldo?

This tree is 22 feet tall, and is really a beacon in the neighborhood. I can see it from the airplane when I am flying at night, but sadly I have yet to achieve my goal of making our house stand out so well from the air that I could actually point it out the the passengers, this will be next years goal.

Yes this tree really does 'snow' on itself. A real delight , and a real mess.

The sign above the alcove says 'Merry Christmas'

This wreath was a gift from Steve's Grandparents -- it smells WONDERFUL!!

Oh yes that is a Pottery Barn star on top of our tree.

The packages are smaller this year, yeah for Amy! -- for a comparison I've posted last years tree just below.

This duck is so symbolic -- of what you ask? -- check back later in the week, and we will share (it's a post of its own).

Yes that is Maggie's stocking with a stuffed dog from Steve's Mom.

Well I hope we didn't disappoint anyone with our much hyped Christmas Decor Galore post. We have had a wonderful time this Fall traveling around and seeing everyone in both of our families. This last week we were in Washington and Oregon, next week we are going to Phoenix which will conclude our nationwide tour. Christmas cards are in the mail, look forward to receiving them soon. We hope everyone has a great weekend, and we will chat soon.

Steve and Amy


Matt and Randi said...

Fabulous job decorating!

Cherringtons said...

Love the decorations, the house looks great!