Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Not the Wisest Decision

Now that I am back to coaching about one day a week (although I'm taking the next two weeks off), I find myself around a large demographic of ridiculously fit people. I've subsequently realized that my metabolism is not what it once was and resultantly I'm not as lean. I recently decided I would find a trainer to help me with redefining my body and helping me to understand what I need to do to remain the beacon of health I like to think I am.

One of the trainers at the gym offered me a great deal so I met with her for the first time yesterday. Now remember I spent four years in the USAF, and have worked out inconsistently for the last ten years or so (aside from running which I enjoy and do at least three days a week). So the first thing this lady who claims to be forty-four but looks more like 24 says to me is "What do you do for exercise?" I reply about my running routine, to which she remarks "IS THAT ALL." How rude, I think I'm doing very well do be running three times a week -- although obviously its not exactly achieving the goals I was hoping for.

So we begin -- I have a pretty high tolerance for pain, and am certainly not a quitter, so I politely do everything she asks. Finally she says "Are you feeling ANY burn?" -- well of course I am -- I guess I wasn't showing it, which is a mistake -- don't do that; let them know you feel the pain.

I am seriously as exhausted as I've been ever in my life after about forty-five minutes. At this point not only am I questioning my ability to keep down my delicious lunch of Chicken Enchiladas (with salad of course) -- but I'm not exactly sure I can walk out of the building unassisted. I barely had the strength to turn the steering wheel on the drive home. One down nine more sessions to go. I've decided my goal for next week is to make it through the whole hour (baby steps).

Today the weather in Houston is going to be cool-cold (high of 45) WITH THE POSSIBILITY OF SLEET OR SNOW FLURRIES!! -- this is big news for us. I was suppose to have the whole week off of flying, but volunteered to go in today for one trip just to get some ice and snow flying - it may sound crazy, but ask any Houston based pilot; they would likely to do the same.

Tomorrow Amy and I are headed to Phoenix -- while there to visit my Grandparents (who 'winter' in the desert) we are going to tour Gold Field, which is a 'Ghost Town' long abandoned by miners. Should be a fun time -- we will certainly share pictures. And for those of you who are blog hounds, and have connected the dots with my subliminal messages from the 'Christmas Decor Galore' post, along with the random comments that have been left; you can expect a special announcement on Friday!!

We'll chat soon.

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PHOENIX? You guys had better give us a call!