Wednesday, December 17, 2008

NYC and Beyond

This week found us in New York City for the third time this year. I (Steve) am falling more in love with this place every time we have the opportunity to visit. Amy has always loved New York; it just took me a while to come around. Part of the goal of our visit was to, for the first time, see the Rockefeller Center Christmas tree lit up in person. We achieved our goal, although not at night which would have been perfect; we just ran out of time at night.
While in the 'Center' we popped into St. Patricks Cathedral -- always a favorite destination. The architecture is so awesome. We saw this interesting almost-life-sized nativity display that is missing a certain Hero. Our only guess is that He will be paraded in sometime during the Christmas Eve Service.

Also while in the Cathedral I saw a name plate for a clergy title I'd not heard of before -- HIS EMINENCE. If only I had known this was an option when I was ordained -- His Eminence and Lady Norton -- I can see it now.
Next stop -- FAO Schwarz. Last month Amy and I invited anyone who wanted to hang out with us in New York to come on over. GUESS WHAT -- Aunt Jill, Uncle Ryan and cousins Keegan, Sarah and Katie answered the call. They actually went to New York and had a great time. There will certainly be pictures on their blog before too long. So here we have Ryan and Keegan fulfilling their dream of playing on the 'Big Piano.'

And what's a stop at FAO without a photo shoot with the world famous doorman?

IT SNOWED while we were there, another first for us. We were really hoping this would happen, our dream came true.
I have to say Aunt Jill is an expert at celebrity sightings. While in Trump Tower, nearing the exit, Jill exclaimed that there was a certain somebody behind us. I looked and started reaching for the camera. By the time I got it out it was a little late, as she was on her way down the block. Let's see if you can find her.

Okay I'll make it easier -- Who could it be with such wonderful hair and posture?You guessed it -- Ivanka Trump. Funny thing is, about twenty minutes later, Aunt Jill spotted her again walking past us.
Amy, Sarah and Keegan having fun in the Disney Store.

More architecture from the Fifth Avenue Presbyterian Church where we took cover when the snow got to be too much.
Tomorrow we have our ultrasound to find out the gender of our little gift from God. We will for sure post the results. Let's just believe for a little 'exposure' if you will.
Tomorrow is day two with my trainer. It took me five days to recover from last week's episode. This could be interesting.


Photos said...

It was so nice of you to stop by. Please visit us again when you're in the city.

Mike Coniaris
Director of Communications
Fifth Avenue Presbyterian Church

J.T. said...

Steve, I know this isn't the right post to comment about....but it is awesome that you and your wife are having a baby! Wow, I can't even begin to explain the love you will feel for this child. It is true what they say, you don't really understand love until you have a family of your own. Way to get it done there buddy!

Ryan, Jill and Kids said...

We had so much fun in New York! We can't wait however, to hear if we should be buying pink or blue!

We love you so much!!!!
Ryan, Jill, Katie, Sarah and Keegan