Sunday, February 1, 2009

Great Fun

Here is a fun video that came across my desk.

The church I used to work for was always coming up with creative things to get people's attention; but this is probably the best I've seen. There was, of course, the Survivor Series in which the entire auditorium was converted to look like the Survivor Jungle. Many new guests would walk in and walk right back out not understanding what exactly was going on.

So let's talk about Facebook. I've been resistant all these years to join yet another social networking outlet. I'm not exactly sure why, but it's likely because I didn't want another password to try to keep up with. About three weeks ago I finally gave in. I had about 20 minutes between flights, and for some unknown reason I decided to join Facebook. I must warn you to read carefully what you are doing when you sign up as I inadvertently sent an invitation email to everyone on my Hotmail contact list. This isn't a huge deal, but there are some professional contacts on there that I am wooing in the hopes of future opportunities and would have preferred to not have cluttered their inbox with what they might view as 'junk'.

However, the upside of that 'accidental email' is that all of my grandparents and even my mother signed up. I was so surprised to see them on there, and so proud of their technical savvy. Then I realized I sent them the invitation. (I had to LOL a little.) It is a most useful website. If you haven't joined yet, I encourage you to give it 30 days. Login every day and try to find long lost friends (or they just might find you). It's easier than I could have ever imagined it would be. I have to admit that when it comes to Facebook I'm limiting my 'friend' intake. There are lots of people coming out of the woodwork that I haven't heard from in 15 years, and then I barely knew them as an acquaintance. I'm not sure I care what is going on with them. Is that wrong? I think some people like to collect 'friends.' I probably refuse 15% of the friend requests I get because I either never knew the person or just barely remember their name.

I was looking pretty hard for one guy I used to swim with in the Air Force. I found someone with his name stationed at the Air Force Academy and thought it must be him. I sent him the friend request with a message wondering if he was the right guy. This kid replied that he wasn't the one, but he accepted my friend request anyway. I found this amusing. He is definitely a collector of people.

Claire is getting her grow on these days. She has a bit of a schedule going on. Amy can predict when she will sleep and when she will dance. She is kind of like Maggie in that regard. It's one or the other. Amy and I are devising our 'Pro-Parenting Plan' that includes promptly changing the schedule upon Claire's arrival -- there will be no dancing at night. We keep watching Super Nanny to find out how to implement this rule -- so far no help.

I know people think we are CRAZY, but we plan on traveling more in 2009 than we did in 2008. We already have several big trips lined up; and this is the year we are crossing the Atlantic. Of course plans could change; but so far we are gearing up for a year of great fun.

Finally a quick shout out to our neighbor, Ronnie Hodges. He is signing this week with Texas A&M University on a football and academic scholarship. I ran into his Mom this morning who was proudly assembling a banner for her front yard with the news.

Hope you all are having a great weekend; and in spite of Facebook, I will try to keep the posts coming!

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