Tuesday, February 10, 2009

AZ Fun

Last week the Norton family went on one of our famous one day trips! This time to destination was Phoenix. Fun times in Phoenix -- our grandparents stay in Quartzsite, AZ. As you can see from the picture below, this town is nothing more than a gas station with a huge desert that people park their RV's on for about six months out of the year. There are no hookups, and very few luxuries -- just a 'DRY HEAT'.

In years past Amy and I actually flew and and stayed with the Grandparents on the desert for a couple of days, this year this destination was on our agenda during the baby announcement whirlwind tour. But sadly the day we were suppose to go was the day of the once every ten years snowfall (a memorable post) in Houston.

So we re-scheduled it for this week, but our time only allowed for a day -- we had them meet us in Phoenix and we decided to go to Goldfield Ghost Town.
This place was pretty funny, and definitely a tourist trap. The one thing that I think would have been really fun was the train ride into the old gold mine that is there, but I was alone in my desire to take such a journey, so we stayed topside, and saw the fun sights.
Most importantly we got to see Grandma, and Grandpa -- and Claire got her first gift from her Great Grandma -- a very cute little summer outfit.

Although it looks like we are a little warm -- it was a dry heat!

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