Saturday, February 7, 2009


I know its been a while --

A quick time for catching up, Maggie got a haircut yesterday. I think Amy will post some before and after pictures of what the results are when I am allowed to decide which 'number' Maggie gets. She kind of looks like a nincompoop with ridiculously dis-proportionate legs. But think of the money I'm saving over the next year, I've probably eliminated at least one full service grooming for the year.

We got the bookcase put on the wall in the nursery, there are some pictures here. I was crazy nervous about this project, and I likely over engineered the mounting to a fault. But I can honestly say without a doubt that it will not fall off of the wall! One of my quality control checks included ensuring that 30% of the attachment points could hold 200% of the loaded weight of the shelf.

Amy and I went to Phoenix day before yesterday to visit the Grandparents. They 'winter' in the AZ desert, and we try to get up to see them at least once every year. This is the first year we made it a day trip; but we had a fun time. Here are some pics of the crazy fun.

There are two fun new shows Amy and I are enjoying. The first one is "Howie Do It." This is a new more modern version of "Candid Camera." The funniest episode (oh how I wish I could show a video) had this guy on this game show called 'ISO 365.' This poor guy was placed in a small room in an orange jumpsuit with the #24 on it. And the contest begins -- the first challenge is to name a sound, the sound of a horse is clearly heard, and after #24 correctly states the answer the announcer says 'Only #24 and #13 got it right, everyone else got it wrong.' This guy is dumbfounded on how it is possible to get that wrong.

His reward is a loaf of bread, and 30 seconds to eat it. Which is very funny -- but not nearly as funny as the next challenge which is 10 minutes to put together a 1500 piece puzzle which is just dumped out on the ground with no pictures. He tries his hardest but in 10 minutes he is unable to get even two pieces together. The guy is grossly frustrated, and is exasperated when the announcer says that #14 and #16 get a good part of the puzzle together, but #24 did the worst out of everyone. #24's punishment is an extra 10 days in the room. This is when he learns it is a year long game show. Very funny indeed.

The other funny show is "Meet The Browns." Yet another Tyler Perry show. Airing on TBS, give it a try -- its also pretty funny. Not much else going on with the Norton family, a quick trip to Vegas later this month -- and Acapulco in March. Good times, well chat later.

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