Sunday, February 8, 2009


I have joined a Facebook group called "40 Days of Prayer for Our Husbands." They have issued a challenge for members of the group for the next 40 days. I encourage each of you to take this same challenge:

You can't say anything negative about your spouse . . . to your spouse . . . or to anyone else about your spouse.

Each day you must say something that you admire or appreciate about your spouse . . . to your spouse . . . and to someone else about your spouse!

And our Sunday school class has challenged each couple to kiss for at least 15 seconds each day.

Give this a try. It's amazing how your attitude toward your spouse changes when you're constantly looking for something good to say to or about him/her and when you're encouraging the intimacy in your relationship.

Happy Marriage!

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Happily Ever After said...

Thank you for praying for my -- you're a good girl!!