Wednesday, July 2, 2008

The Brug is Blooming -- The Brug is Blooming

Well finally after all this time the Brug (see here for more info) has bloomed. Amy is forever seeing pictures in the home and garden magazines and wanting to do exactly what they have. First of all who has time, and second it never looks quite the same. Well I wanted a water feature and Amy wanted lots of color.

One day she found a gorgeous water feature and the Brugmansia plant (also known as Angels Trumpets) blooming over it. Its a win win I get the water feature she gets the color. We buy a lot of plants at the store for this project (About 18 months ago), but they don't have the right kind of Brug (we needed a specific color of course).

We did what any red blooded American does and bought it online (from some foreigner no doubt). We planted per the instructions and fertilized like we should, and it got big for sure but no blooms. I called Grandma last year, she says 'Did you pinch it?' I'm like what?

Pinching a plant evidently helps it bloom, well this was just before our first freeze that year and I pinched the fire out of it, would you believe that it actually worked??

That thing got one big bloom right where I pinched it, did I mention that was right before the first freeze, I needn't say more.

This year the pinching didn't work, petting, watering, grooming, trimming, cleaning, nothing worked, I fertilized it a lot but out of frustration I dumped about 5 gallons of nitrogen rich fertilizer on it last week. I'm here to tell you that it appears to have done the trick.

There are at least 30 buds on the thing, probably closer to 50, once they all open it will be gorgeous I'm sure, and we will no doubt include pictures. So props to my favorite fertilizer (found at your local Lowes if you are lucky)

And the beautiful flower

While I'm talking about Lowes they no longer carry UPC #149415 which is the ever important disposable 12x12 air filters. I for one am outraged; but life goes on.

Oh yeah and speaking of vendors, for our Houston Area readers I am putting you on notice that Houston Garden Centers means business when they say no refunds. Yes this means if you spend $1200 on the 50 gallon palm tree, and it dies in two days, they will not be interested in anything you have to say. I threw a fit about $9.63 in plants that died, and after they yelled at me (seriously) I reversed the charges on our debit card (who knew you could do that?), thats what they get for yelling; just be professional, seriously.

She started yelling when she pointed out that she doesn't know if I even watered the plants when I took them, maybe I poisoned them etc. My response was "If you are serious about customer service, then none of those things should even matter," she flipped her lid (which is quite funny I think, its not her money.)

Maggie was excited to see me yesterday when i got home, here she is assuming the position, and enjoying the foot rub.
And this is her listening pose, she thinks she heard "Cookie" when what Amy said was 'Lookie'


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CrazyCarlsons said...

I feel ya with the garden craziness. We've been working on our yard going on 3 years now and we can't seem to find the right mix just'll come, beautiful brug, it's HUGE!