Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Things that make me laugh

Well here I sit waiting for a delayed flight.. Sorry I digress, no aviation talk. Nonetheless I seem to have a few moments in my schedule so I decided to share with you things that make me laugh. For starters, well I don't know what it's called; but it's funny, and researching for this post made me laugh even harder. If I had to name this device I would call it the Funny Ostrich. No particular reason that's just the first thing that came to my mind. So the FO if you will was designed to vibrate excess pounds right off the body. While I find the whole idea of this preposterous, I wish someone in my family tree had invented the thing, because a lot of money was made on these bad boys. Here is the first photographic example of the Funny Ostrich.

Okay, I'm laughing so hard just looking at this picture, first of all the outlet looks like a 240 Volt (something you would use to power your electric dryer), and this women has attached the FO to her body and is getting ready to turn it on, I'm sure the pounds just melted away on her luxury train ride to who knows where.

Now these ladies are a hoot, look closely. They are clearly well to do, and have donned their exercise caps (which also make me laugh). And there is one more thing, (I know its like a 'Wheres Waldo') THEY ARE DRINKING. I don't know what they are drinking, perhaps tea, perhaps wine (Air France Pilots were served wine with their dinners up until 1998, sorry no aviation), maybe its water. The very idea that an exercise can be conducted that is vigorous enough to loose weight while drinking anything out of crystal glasses is again, absurd.This ad is my favorite, they are so positive about their product. The thing that makes me laugh really hard is that it makes "THE PERFECT CHRISTMAS GIFT." Now I've only been married for three and a half years, but I'm certain that I know the Funny Ostrich does not make the perfect Christmas gift. It turns out not even a new air conditioning unit makes the perfect Christmas gift (Don't ask me how I know this). Oh yeah, and I also like that it is sold by a place with the word Sanitarium in the name.

If you are one of these people that think that there may be something to the Funny Ostrich, and want to give it a try; then please go to the Goodwill, I'm sure they have one available, in fact I once saw one about five years ago, and almost fell on the floor I was laughing so hard. I called my Grandma to get the technical name of the device, and she referred to it as a Reducing Machine. Ahh what a perfect marketing ploy to the Funny Ostrich, call it a Reducing Machine. I found a picture of the fanciest Funny Ostrich built in the 50's, along with a current model (yes it seems that a new improved version of the old technology is making a comeback.

Notice the lady on the top of the line Funny Ostrich is wearing heels, what better footwear than heels for a vigorous exercise? The new model does away with the belt but instead just vibrates the platform which the 'exercisee' stands on, sounds hard on the knees to me. Under cons for a review of the new machine it states that the platform is capable of producing 11G's. That's more than the human body can take, who comes up with this stuff?

Have a great day, and its okay to laugh out loud in public while pondering todays post. AND LEST WE FORGET



Valerie said...

Kid you not, my Christmas present last year was a generator and the cost of having it professionally wired to the house. And I was thrilled. Mainly because the ice storm was just before Christmas and we lost power for 11 days, so a generator was the only thing this girl wanted. Otherwise, I'd normally agree with no "appliance" type gifts unless requested. :)

Audra said...

Growing up, my friend had the ostrich in her basement. I would get on it and laugh and laugh! It tickled!! It seemed a preposterous idea even then when I was about 4 years old. Fun though, and loud!

Ryan, Jill and Kids said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY AMY!!! We love you gobs and gobs!
Ryan, Jill, Katie, Sarah, Keegan and Luqus