Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Who here uses "Text"

I often hear of people chatting through the text messaging on the cellular mobile communications receivers. I'm kind of an old fashioned guy, and certainly not an 'Early Adopter' by any stretch of the imagination. When I finally got a phone that could text I had no idea how to type a word, it had this 'T9' feature, and so I would try to spell words the old way (you know 2 three times for the letter C) and it would spell cab.

Finally one day a text came in to me that needed an immediate response, I handed the phone to my trusty Bride who schooled me on the operation of the T9 dictionary. What a wonderful invention, but still I'm not one to text. Maybe one message every three months in response to someone, then it happened.

My phone broke, actually about a week ago my phone broke, wouldn't even turn on. I call they send a new one, it works for a few days but now it too is broken. I promise I am not hard on phones, they just can't take the heat I guess. The phone I am now plagued with appears to function normally but nobody can hear me when I talk, so I have resorted (for this week only) to texting. I must say I'm getting quite good at it, as is my Bride, even my Father In Law responded to a message I sent him (I was inquiring about if he was watching 'Wipeout' as I am sure all of our faithful readers were last night).

Today I really actually saw a benefit to texting, I learned of a friend that is going to loose her job and while I wanted to talk to her, I wasn't sure what I would say. So I decided a text message was a perfect fit. No awkward discussion, no dead air just a quick "Hey sorry to hear..."

In the end my texting career, although more distinguished will likely come to an end on Friday, with perhaps some part time action here and there. If you want a text from me hurry before it is too late.


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Valerie said...

I don't even know HOW to text. I tried once, but it never worked. I'm probably one of the last surviving 30-something-year-old's that doesn't know how - ha!