Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Okay here it is, Seat 29E

This comment card, (if you can call it that -- it was actually hand written on a napkin) has been floating around the company for a while, it is very entertaining to read, and as a passenger we can all sympathize with this guys pain. (Unless of course you are seated in First Class where this problem does not exist). Click on each page for a larger readable version.

I love the stink shield, and the drawings to help drive the point home. We have all been there; my favorite lavatory story was the elderly Catholic nun who went into the lav and didn't lock the door, an unsuspecting 20 year old guy went to go in and was quite surprised, (the nun cracked me up because she was carrying a three foot statue of Mary with her that had its own (form fitting)Mary Cozy complete with zipper.)

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Valerie said...

I literally fell out of my seat laughing. That is hilarious. Especially with the added illustrations. I'm guessing he spent his time writing out his frustrations to help pass the time, haha. I'm definitely going to make Doug read this post since he flies almost every week. He will crack up for sure.