Sunday, July 6, 2008

The Story of Us - Part 5 - Meet the Parents

Steve met my parents - and the rest of my family - at Easter. (My family gets together to celebrate everything - birthdays, Christmas, Easter, Fourth of July, Memorial Day, etc. - or at least we used to until everyone started moving away - sorry, Mom.) At this family gathering, as all family gatherings, we had my parents, my brothers, my sisters-in-law, my aunt and all four of my grandparents. It was a fun and relaxing day - very typical of our family get-togethers.

After Steve and I left the party, I got a call from Daddy. He said, "I really like Steve. I think he's the one you should marry. Don't you?" What can I say? My daddy is a great judge of character!!! :)

Steve and I had not even said "I love you" to one another yet, nor had we discussed marriage. But I have to say that I knew he was the one for me on that day, and it was confirmed by my daddy who has never suggested that I marry any other boy that I took home for him to meet.

From that day on, my family accepted Steve as part of the family. He has been treated like a son, a brother, a grandson and a nephew. And he is dearly loved by my family.

To all of my family, thank you so much for loving my husband, for accepting him, for respecting him, for always treating him with kindness.

Coming soon... Part 6 - the "I love you" and the engagement

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