Thursday, July 17, 2008

Since we are on the subject

I'm having too much fun with Aviation Week. I keep running into more and more stuff I can share with you all about this crazy industry. If your getting bored I promise it will be over on Monday; but for the rest of us yet another crazy hilarious story.

U.S. Airways has been in survival mode since 1981 when they first filed for bankruptcy, and for the most part they have been in bankruptcy ever since. They have laid off so many people that it wasn't long ago that the newest new hire on the pilot roster was hired in 1988, and the youngest guy was 48 years old. I wish them all the best but their actions have alienated their customers to a point beyond repair. Here is the story.

While some companies look at marketing as an expense account, U.S. Airways looks at it as in income account. They have ads on the jetway, on the tray tables, baggage carousel, boarding pass, cups, napkins, although I didn't seen any billboards in the lavatory I'm sure that is coming. It was crazy. But the craziest of all; the thing that blew my mind was the very thing that also shocked the pants off of a certain vocal customer.

Here is the intro to his website, please if your interested click the link and spend some time reading and listening to his story (he actually has a recorded phone call of him calling their Marketing Director at 5AM at his home, and and wait till you read about the Monkey of the Month Club!). It is very very humorous indeed.

US Airways management has to listen,when you have their home number.

I'm on the plane, and they're trying to sell me an airline credit card. This is
a sign of desperation, an airline on its last legs: peddling us credit cards
during the flight. It's not enough that they've taken our meals, our leg
and our on-time departures. Now they take our dignity, by hitting us
up for an
airline credit card while we are held captive on their smelly
how US Airways does it: they turn one unlucky stewardess
into a seat-to-seat
saleswoman. She gives you the pitch, then she walks down
the aisle with
applications, while people try to avoid meeting her gaze. It
is awkward...

So have I peaked your interest? I must warn you that the guy telling the story likes to use offensive language at times, but the overall journey of his crusade is quite funny. Have fun

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