Saturday, June 19, 2010


We Nortons have been very busy lately. We finally have internet access in Memphis, so hopefully we'll get around to updating the blog a little more often.

First order of business, a welcome to Kenley Laura McComber, born Thursday, June 17, to my younger brother, Matt, and his wife, Randi. Isn't she lovely? MiMi and PopPop are driving to PA to visit their newest granddaughter (#4). They opted to drive through Memphis to spend some time with us. I planned to take them to Marlowe's for some delicious BBQ, but it wasn't open. We ended up across the street at Church's Chicken instead. Oh well. We had a great time even if it didn't include delicious BBQ. (Steve got stuck in a meeting at work, so it was just me and Claire.)
After Steve got out of his meeting, Claire and I picked him and took him to the park to enjoy some chicken.
Claire loves to stand. It's hard to keep her seated most of the time. (She also has a new tooth! Steve and I noticed it tonight while we were brushing her teeth before bed. It's almost all the way through. We have no idea when it started poking through since she's never fussy or sick when teething. She now has seven teeth!)
Claire is also very busy/nosy. She gets into everything these days. Here are a few pictures I took when she didn't know I was watching her dig through my purse.
Emptying out Mommy's purse is so much fun!
We went garage saleing this morning to find some furniture for our apartment. Instead, I found this little goodie. It retails for $130 at Babies R Us. I got it for $12! It had hardly been used. What a steal!
In an attempt to help Claire gain weight, we are feeding her anything and everything she will eat. She has a few new favorites - Fruit Loops...
(Fruit Loops and milk make the best breakfast!)
(Claire loves to share!)
...and pizza!!!

Life is good! We're staying busy and are enjoying Memphis. Steve loves his new job. Claire is growing and learning and becoming more beautiful everyday.

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